PebbleScapes Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

PebbleScapes Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

10 Year Warranty - PebbleScapes Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
Exclusive to Aquavida Pools, PebbleScapes pool surfaces come with a ten year warranty that covers the actual materials and the labor/installation, so you can rest easy knowing that your pool will look beautiful for many, many years to come.

PebbleScapes pool interiors have a very natural look that’s similar to a naturally-occurring sand and pebble at the bottom of the ocean or lake. There are many different color options, ranging from a shimmering black, to vibrant white, to green, blue, grey and everything in between! There are also several different texture options to choose from, so you can achieve a wide array of different looks with this pool surfacing material.

  • PebbleScapes Zanzibar
    PebbleScapes Zanzibar
  • PebbleScapes Tropics Blue
    PebbleScapes Tropics Blue
  • PebbleScapes Tahoe Blue
    PebbleScapes Tahoe Blue
  • PebbleScapes Sand
    PebbleScapes Sand
  • PebbleScapes Salt and Pepper
    PebbleScapes Salt and Pepper
  • PebbleScapes Midnight Blue
    PebbleScapes Midnight Blue
  • PebbleScapes Caribbean Blue
    PebbleScapes Caribbean Blue
  • PebbleScapes Cameroon
    PebbleScapes Cameroon
  • PebbleScapes Black
    PebbleScapes Black
  • PebbleScapes Aqua White
    PebbleScapes Aqua White
  • PebbleScapes Aqua Cool
    PebbleScapes Aqua Cool
  • PebbleScapes Aqua Blue
    PebbleScapes Aqua Blue
Aquavida Pools Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
PebbleScapes pool finishes are made using pozzolan-blended cement, premium natural aggregates, along and the finest mineral-based pigments. The finish includes stones and pebbles that are sourced from Mexico. This custom-engineered pool surface features PlasterPozz cement, which includes a proprietary Pozzolan admixture which reacts with calcium hydroxide during the hydration process. In layman’s terms, this mixture essentially takes the weakest element in plaster – the calcium hydroxide – and it seals that element so it’s less vulnerable to chemical-related impact and degradation.

In short, PebbleScapes pool surface is a beautiful, long-lasting option that’s available in a vast range of colors.

SplashGlass Premium Pool Resurfacing Additive

SplashGlass Makes Pools More Beautiful

This proprietary blend of colored glass can be added to your PebbleScapes pool surface to create a wide array of colors and hues in your backyard or commercial oasis. After you choose a color pattern, Aquavida Pools technicians will mix your unique combination of SplashGlass with the PebbleScapes pool surface and complete the installation process.

SplashGlass is the creation of Aquavida Pools founder, Thomas Lopez, and is only available to Aquavida Pools clients and customers. We invite you to explore the possibilities SplashGlass will add to your pool surface. At Aquavida Pools, we love making pools beautiful and this is just one of the many ways we accomplish this goal.

Give us a call today at 602-354-8147 to set up or free estimate or click the link here for our webform.

  • SplashGlass Black
    SplashGlass Black
  • SplashGlass Midnight Blue
    SplashGlass Midnight Blue
  • SplashGlass Tropics Blue
    SplashGlass Tropics Blue
  • SplashGlass Tahoe Blue
    SplashGlass Tahoe Blue
  • SplashGlass French Gray
    SplashGlass French Gray
  • SplashGlass Caribbean Blue
    SplashGlass Caribbean Blue
  • SplashGlass Aqua Blue
    SplashGlass Aqua Blue
  • SplashGlass Sand
    SplashGlass Sand
  • SplashGlass Aqua Cool
    SplashGlass Aqua Cool

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