CoolQuartz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

CoolQuartz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

7 Year Warranty - CoolQuartz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
Exclusive to Aquavida Pools, CoolQuartz pool surface features a seven year warranty on the actual materials and the labor/installation. CoolQuartz pool surfaces feature specially-treated quartz crystals, which resist fading from UV exposure in the sunlight.

Quartz is also incredibly durable, which makes this pool surface a wonderful choice for pool owners who want a durable, long-lasting pool interior. The crystals in CoolQuartz pool surfacing create an extremely durable surface that is harder and more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions than standard white plaster. This is due to the fact that Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals.

  • CoolQuartz Flagstone
    CoolQuartz Flagstone
  • CoolQuartz Caribbean Blue
    CoolQuartz Caribbean Blue
  • CoolQuartz Cayman Green
    CoolQuartz Cayman Green
  • CoolQuartz Sandstone
    CoolQuartz Sandstone
  • CoolQuartz Bora Bora Blue
    CoolQuartz Bora Bora Blue
  • CoolQuartz French Gray
    CoolQuartz French Gray
  • CoolQuartz Cayman Green Blue
    CoolQuartz Cayman Green Blue
  • CoolQuartz Cayman Green Splash
    CoolQuartz Cayman Green Splash
  • CoolQuartz Blue Splash
    CoolQuartz Blue Splash
  • CoolQuartz Blue
    CoolQuartz Blue
Aquavida Pools Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
CoolQuartz surface can be custom blended to achieve a unique, custom color. We blend the CoolQuartz crystals with our PlasterPozz proprietary pozzolan-blended cement and white marble aggregate to craft a custom look for your pool.

Factors like pool depth, sun exposure, shape and the surrounding landscape will all impact the perceived pool color. Our experienced team will help you choose the right combination of CoolQuartz crystals to achieve the color scheme that you’re seeking!

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