Pool Resurfacing Materials

Types of Pool Resurfacing Materials

Types of Pool Resurfacing Materials
We know how much our customers value the opportunity to make a great choice when they are looking to resurface their pool. We offer three different (and proprietary) pool surfaces and each offers an array of choice in terms of how they look and feel.

PebbleScapes Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
PebbleScapes Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
Everyone likes to be part of an exclusive club, right? PebbleScapes is Aquavida Pools proprietary blend and our customers are the only ones who get to enjoy the beautiful look, feel, durability, and value that makes PebbleScapes the only choice when you are looking for a pebble pool surface.

PebbleScapes comes with a TEN-YEAR warranty which covers materials, labor, and installation, so you can enjoy your new surface worry free for years to come. This pool surface has a very natural look and feel, but also features a wide variety of color options so you can create a unique backyard or commercial environment not found anywhere else. Shimmering black, vibrant white, shades of green, blue, grey, and everything in between is available, as well as different texture options for those who like a more prominent pebble feel or something smooth and strong.

The exclusive PebbleScape finishes are made using pozzolan-blended cement, premium natural aggregates, and the finest mineral pigments. Within the finish are stones and pebbles sourced from Mexico to give PebbleScape a look unavailable to any other pool contractor in Phoenix. Aquavida Pools is proud to custom-engineer this surface with our PlasterPozz cement (also proprietary), which includes our own Pozzolan admixture which reacts with calcium hydroxide during the hydration process. To put it simply, our mixture seals the calcium hydroxide, which is the weakest element in plaster, so that it is less vulnerable to chemical-related impact and typical degradation that occurs over time.

PebbleScapes is a beautiful, colorful, and durable option for your pool resurfacing project that will make your pool look great for years to come while enhancing the value of your property.

CoolQuartz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
CoolQuartz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
Aquavida Pools proudly installs CoolQuartz, a proprietary blend exclusive to us which features specially treated quartz crystals and a SEVEN-YEAR warranty that covers materials, labor, and installation.
CoolQuartz is incredibly durable and many pool owners enjoy this quality a great deal. The quartz crystals, which are mixed into this special blend, are highly resistant to the fading that can occur in plaster pools from the UV rays in sunlight.

Quartz is one of nature’s hardest minerals. This adds to the durability of CoolQuartz and makes it much more resistant to the fading and degradation that occurs within regular plaster pools over time, sun, and exposure to pool chemicals.

CoolQuartz can also be custom blended to make unique and beautiful colors for your pool. The color pigments are added to the mixture of CoolQuartz, our PlasterPozz proprietary pozzolan-blended cement, and white marble aggregate to create a customized look for your pool surface. Many of our customers enjoy this option to help tie in their pool surface color to their pool tile, decking, and additional decorative features of their backyard or commercial pool area.

Pool depth, sun exposure, as well as the shape of your pool and surrounding landscape all play a role in how your pool’s color are perceived. Our Aquavida Pools team has years of experience working with this product and is always happy to help you find the right combination of CoolQuartz crystals to achieve the color scheme of your pool dreams.

PlasterPozz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
PlasterPozz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material
PlasterPozz isn’t just any old pool plaster. PlasterPozz is the best pool plaster you can use in your pool resurfacing project and Aquavida Pools is the only pool company who installs it in the world. This fantastic product features a FIVE YEAR warranty on materials, labor, and installation, and creates a clean, fresh, and traditional white plaster finish at a very affordable price.

We have created a proprietary blend of portland cement and pozzolan mixed with a white marble aggregate for a beautiful shimmering white finish that glistens in the Arizona sun. Aquavida Pools infuses PlasterPozz with an exclusive admixture providing enhanced strength, especially in how it reacts to compression and flexing, which are common areas of weakness in typical white plaster pool surfaces. As with all Aquavida Pools surfacing products, PlasterPozz is designed for durability, chemical resistance, and reduction of permeability.

We love talking about pool resurfacing projects at Aquavida Pools and we’re always happy to provide samples of our different surfaces and work with you to choose the best surface for your pool. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful pool and Aquavida Pools are the experts in pool remodeling, renovation, repair, and resurfacing.

As a full service pool remodeling, repair, and resurfacing company, Aquavida Pools can assist with many other aspects of your pool resurfacing project. An additional area of impact to consider with pool resurfacing projects is to replace the waterline tiles, including grouting. Aquavida Pools features a wide range of pool tile options with different colors, styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from for every aesthetic preference or backyard/commercial property décor.

Give Aquavida Pools a call today at 602-354-8147 or clink on this link to use our webform. We make pools beautiful through remodeling, renovation, restoration, repair, and resurfacing. Our expert staff is here to help you through every step of the process and provide information and guidance for all your pool needs. We also are happy to assist with upgrades to your pool plumbing system including pumps, filtering, and other plumbing components. Quotes are always free and require no obligation, but we’re confident once you talk to us, you won’t need to speak to anyone else.

We look forward to talking to you.

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