Pool Resurfacing Expectations

What to Expect With Our Pool Resurfacing Services

Aquavida Pools has been serving both private and commercial pool owners since 2006. We pride ourselves on treating our customers right, making pools safe, beautiful, and comfortable, and building lasting relationships within our community. We’re a local business run by local people and to us, this matters quite a bit.

Aquavida Pools Commercial Projects

During our time remodeling, renovating, repairing and resurfacing pools in Phoenix, we have honed our expertise and become an industry leader by listening to our customers’ needs, concerns, values, and dreams. We enjoy working closely with clients and customers to determine the best project plan and carefully consider the existing pool and the goals and budget of the home or business owner.

Pool Resurfacing Expectations

To begin this process, we will come out and see you and your pool. While we are at your home or commercial property, we will listen to you as you walk us through the pool history and your vision for what comes next. We will spend as much time as necessary performing a full and comprehensive evaluation and assessment of your pool. If there are repairs that need to be done, we will determine the extent of the damage and share it’s cause with you as it may be something that can be avoided in the future. We will also answer any questions you have and set up the expectations for next steps before we leave.

Pool Resurfacing Expectations

Our expert pool technicians will develop a plan for your pool project and create an estimate for any necessary services, walking you through each step in the process and exploring all of your options regarding pool resurfacing. After you have determined what surface you would like to use, we will draw up the contract, and once it is signed, we will begin the process of making your pool beautiful again.

Pool Resurfacing Expectations

Depending on the age of your pool, there may be structural defects that need to be repaired to maintain the overall integrity of your pool. It is common, for example, for minor chipping and cracking to occur over time, especially for older pools. We will use a bonding agent to repair any of these defects and then begin the process of applying a new layer of PlasterPozz, CoolQuartz, or PebbleScapes. When your new surface is inspected by our Superintendent and found to be smooth and even, it will be time to re-fill your pool and enjoy a swim.

Pool Resurfacing Expectations

While we understand the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ethos and the desire to maintain total control of your project, we have seen too many pool owners make the mistake of attempting a pool resurfacing project on their own as an attempt to save money. Quite frankly, it takes years of experience and the proper equipment to get a high quality, lasting result and pool owners should always consider the cost of their own time and effort as part of what they will be invesiting in their pool resurfacing project. Many do-it-yourselfer’s end up calling Aquavida Pools during their project or after experiencing less than favorable results to ask for our help. Sadly, it is not uncommon for DIY projects to make the pool look worse than it did before resurfacing was begun.

Pool Resurfacing Expectations

Similar to DIY pool resurfacing projects, there is also considerable risk in hiring inexperienced contractors or working with pool companies who contract out part (or all) of the labor for your project. Aquavida Pools founder, Thomas Lopez has over 25 years of experience in the pool business and Aquavida Pools has made over 4000 private and commercial pools more beautiful since 2006 without ever using an outside contractor. We only trust our own technicians and invite you to do the same.

Aquavida Pools is happy to provide photographs of our work or share testimonials. You can see examples of our work in some of the finest hotels and resorts in the greater Phoenix area and backyards all over town. We love to provide references whenever they are requested so you can hear about our exceptional work from customers just like you.

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