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Let’s face it. There comes a time in every pool’s life when it needs a makeover. Sometimes your feet are the first to notice and sometimes it is your eyes, but at Aquavida Pools, we know what you’re going through when the time comes to resurface or replaster your pool.

Pool resurfacing is a fact of pool life. Whether it is replastering, which can be quite cost effective, a modern pebble finish, or one of the many options our clients at Aquavida have to choose from, making the right choice for your pool is extremely important as pool finishes have improved greatly since your pool was built.

There is more good news, as well. Pool resurfacing and replastering is a relatively quick process and, for basic service, turnaround time can be as quick as five days. Aquavida Pools team of experts will have your pool drained and the old surface removed before you know it and inside of one week, your new surface will be applied.

If there are other additions to the project, though, such as adding (or replacing) pool tile, decking needs, or plumbing improvements, the timeframe will expand accordingly and your Aquavida Pools expert will update you every step of the way.

PebbleScapes Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

Pebble pool surfaces have also come a long way since being introduced in the early 1970’s and are the most durable and stain resistant surfaces on the market today. Many pool owners and swimming enthusiasts have probably noticed a rough feeling from older pools with pebble surfaces, but the process has greatly improved during the last decade. Aquavida Pools is proud to call ourselves the Valley experts in pool resurfacing and our experience with pebble pool surfaces is just one of the reasons for our pride. We use our proprietary PebbleScapes formula for all of our pebble surfaces.

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CoolQuartz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

Quartz plaster additives can add both strength and an enhanced palette of color possibility to your pool surface. Quartz is extremely durable, harder than steel according to Moh’s Mineral Hardness Scale, but due to its chemical makeup, colors can be permanently bonded to it creating the opportunity for adventurous pool owners to create a unique color scheme no one else has in their backyard or something unique, yet subtle that will not fade over time.

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PlasterPozz Premium Pool Resurfacing Material

As our client, we take great pride in offering you a variety of choices in your pool resurfacing and/or replastering project when it comes to which surface works best for your needs and budget. For those who value a more traditional approach, white plaster is still the most cost effective surface available for your swimming pool and Aquavida Pools proudly installs our proprietary product, PlasterPozz, in dozens of pools every year.

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