Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers

Surrounding your pool with concrete pool pavers is a very popular option these days and Aquavida Pools is ready, willing, and able to walk you through the decision making process and provide a beautiful setting for your backyard oasis or commercial pool.

We’ve been doing pool remodeling, renovation, and repair in Phoenix and surrounding areas for a decade now and our team of experts is ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you today. Using concrete pavers for your pool deck and surrounding area is a cost-effective, safe, and durable way to make not only your pool more beautiful, but your backyard or commercial area come to life.

Today’s concrete pool pavers come in a variety of geometric shapes, sizes, and colors which can fit the most conservative pool remodeling plan to the most extravagant. Aquavida Pools experts are well-versed in the entire process and can make recommendations regarding texture, color, and paver size to match your goals and best provide incredible value for your pool renovation budget.

Many of our renovation and remodeling projects related to concrete pool pavers are located in central Phoenix where many homes have issues with their irrigation systems causing the cement base of their pool deck to shift over time and lose their visual appeal as well as any semblance of remaining level. Our customers have chosen to have Aquavida Pools install concrete pavers after repairing the base layer of cement because of the aesthetic options and durability of concrete pavers.

Facts About Concrete Pavers:

  • The nature and status of the base of your pool deck is the most important element in determining how much work it will take to install your new concrete pool paver deck
  • Concrete pool pavers can be used on vertical walls, benches, and a multitude of other features in your backyard or commercial pool deck area
  • Concrete pool pavers are extremely durable and often treated with acrylic aggregates for color and texture to increase strength
  • Concrete pool pavers do retain some heat from the Arizona sun, as do other deck options, but are still relatively easy on the feet and are extremely slip-resistant

Facts About Concrete Pavers

Concrete pool pavers can also be installed directly onto an old pool deck creating a brand new look with limited preparation work needed when there is a level surface to work from when adding the new surface. Paver veneers and coping can be installed to create a brand new look for a functional deck at a very favorable price point.

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