Fire and Water

Fire and Water

Bobe Water and Fire Features
Aquavida Pools is proud to offer specialized water and fire features for your pool. We love to build these features for you using a combination of pool tile and decking materials, copper and various metals, and internal components to create unique vertical wall water features, “floating” fountains and fire features, and virtually anything you can dream of for your pool remodeling project.

We love working with our friends over at Bobé, an amazing local Phoenix company, who creates fantastic metal scuppers, spillways, and fire pots and this is only a few of their great products. Aquavida Pools expert team of technicians has a plethora of experience incorporating Bobé products into our customers’ backyard and commercial pool designs including the previously mentioned vertical wall features, spa dam walls with custom metal spillways, and “swim up” features surrounding Bobé fire pots, water features, or a combination of both.

Aquavida Pools Fire Pot Water Features

Fire Pot Water Features

Fire pots make an excellent decorative addition to any pool or spa. At Aquavida Pools, we install concrete, copper, stainless steel, bronze, and black onyx fire pots, in a variety of shapes and sizes. These versatile features, some which combine both water and fire, can be installed in and around pool decks and within pools and spas themselves. Fire pots are beautiful features which use either natural gas or propane and our technicians are well-versed in a variety of methods to supply the necessary resources to you fire pot.

You can choose to make your fire pot fully automated, have manual controls, or a combination of both depending on when and how you would like to enjoy these amazing features. Please consult with your Aquavida Pools expert on how these features would work with your pool remodeling and renovation project.

Scupper Water Features

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a beautiful vertical wall water feature with bronze, concrete, copper, pottery, or stainless steel scuppers delivering water into your pool or spa, Aquavida Pools can help make your dreams come true. Scuppers come in a variety of shapes, size, and textures and can be installed by our experts to fit your pool remodeling and renovation designs.

Your scuppers can be matched to existing décor or be part of a complete pool remodeling project. Aquavida Pools regularly installs these versatile features, which can be set up for manual or automated controls, providing hours of relaxation and beauty. Ask your Aquavida Pools expert how these features can be added to your pool remodeling and renovation project today.

Spillway Water Features

If you’ve ever admired one of those amazing pools or water features where there was a sheet of water seemingly being poured into the pool that looked like a sheet of glass, well, the good news is that you can have one too. Spillways are relatively easy to set up and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to fit any vision or pool and/or spa beauty.

Aquavida Pools can help make your vision into reality with bronze, concrete, copper, onyx, or stainless steel spillways and the benefits of your new spillway exceed just their beauty. Anytime you can help water move through your pool, spa, and additional water features in your backyard or commercial space assists in the prevention of calcification or corrosion.

Let’s talk about how adding a spillway to your pool and/or spa area can make your pool more beautiful, while helping to take care of your investment today. Give us a call at 602-354-8147 and let your Aquavida Pools expert answer any questions you have about all of these amazing features.

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