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Pool Tile Installation
During commercial pool resurfacing and renovation projects, it is important to consider how all the details will fit together for the overall look and feel of your commercial swimming pool project. Tile is one of these details that may seem small when considering it on its own, but works to tie the aesthetics of your pool together as much as any other factor. Aquavida Pools experts enjoy working with our clients and customers, whether a commercial pool repair, a complete remodel, or just some timely renovation for your commercial pool.

We look at several factors when it comes to tile and the overall appearance of the pool itself. Waterline tile, coping, and decorative tile features in decking or vertical walls surrounding the pool are all specialties for Aquavida Pools. These features can tie in beautifully with new plaster, quartz, pebble finishes, ecoFINISH as well.

We know durability and value are important to our commercial customers. Well installed tile can last for many years, although scaling and build up can begin to occur over time, of course. It is very important to consider replacing older tile, depth markers and no-dive tiles when resurfacing your pool.
Pool Tile Repairs
Aquavida Pools offers a full range of pool tiling services. These include repairs to cracked or damaged tiles (including waterline, depth markers, and lap lanes), grout repair and installation, pool tile mosaics, and the coping tiles which make up the edge of your inground pool, spa, or water feature. Our expert team is here to help you whether you need simple tile repairs or consultation regarding a complete pool renovation or resurfacing on your commercial project.
Pool Tile Replacement
Some pool tiles can’t be saved. The cracks are too significant, at times, and tiles sometimes disintegrate, especially if they have not been cleaned or serviced regularly. Grout also fails, after time, and needs to be replaced. Like other features of your pool, tile has a lifespan of anywhere from 10-30 years, based on the quality of the tile installed, the workmanship of the installer, and the weather in your area. At Aquavida Pools, we can replace existing tiles and grout or perform simple repairs. We are also able to do major pool renovations or a complete pool overhaul. Let’s talk about your commercial pool needs and see how we can work together to meet your pool goals and stay within your budget.

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