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AZ Pool Deck Resurfacing
Commercial Pool Decking
Acrylic commercial pool decking has been around since the mid-1980s. Here at Aquavida Pools we’ve been installing and resurfacing acrylic commercial pool decks since 2005 in the greater Phoenix area and statewide. Our proprietary commercial acrylic GEMDEK™ coating system is a great option for large-scale commercial swimming pool decks, especially when they are installed by a team as knowledgeable and experienced as our decking installation team. We have resurfaced numerous commercial pool decks of every size on Hotels, Motels, Resorts, HOA’s, Municipal Pools, and Water Parks.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
GEMDEK™ Resurfacing
When properly installed, commercial acrylic pool decking is a very durable option. Our GEMDEK™ preparation method is to grind and strip the existing decking away and then pressure wash the concrete to prepare the substrate for the base coat. After the concrete has dried out we cover and mask off the surrounding areas and cover the pool to prevent any deck material from damaging these areas. Next we apply the acrylic aggregate base coat to the natural concrete and allow this to dry before we apply the texture coat. After the base coat has dried we use a texture hopper and apply the texture coat which will be knocked down to the traditional lace texture. Once the texture coat has cured we apply an acrylic top coat paint then our proprietary UV sealer.
A variety of colors and textures are available to match nearly any commercial pool deck project and vision.
Can be made to look like Saltillo tile, brick, and flagstone (among others).
GEMDEK acrylic commercial pool deck coating is easy to clean and stain resistant.
Properly installed acrylic commercial pool decks will need to be recolored and refinished every 6-8 years in Arizona.

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