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At Aquavida Pools, we look at every backyard and commercial pool project as a partnership. It is important to us to view our client/customer relationships in this manner for a few reasons, but first and foremost, we know we are all in this process together. Pool refurbishing, remodeling, renovation, repair, and/or resurfacing projects take time and impact lives and we understand this.

We also understand how important it is to make sure we are bringing the best resources to the partnership in order to make sure our customers are happy, comfortable, and enjoying their pool again as quickly as possible while seeing the tremendous value a business relationship with Aquavida Pools can provide. Because of this, we choose to install Pentair products exclusively whenever a project calls for new heating, lighting, plumbing, pool pumps, and upgraded automation systems.

Pentair Eco Select Equipment

Screen Logic

Pentair Eco Select Screen Logic
Pentair Equipment

Intelli Flo

Pentair Eco Select Intelli Flo

Master Temp

Pentair Eco Select Master Temp

Intelli Brite

Pentair Eco Select Intelli Brite

Clean and Clear

Pentair Eco Select Clean and Clear

Aquavida Pools is proud of our partnerships, both with our clients/customers, the good folks at Pentair, and other locally owned and operated Phoenix businesses who support our community.

Depending on the age of your pool, it is important (and unfortunately, often necessary) to replace the key components of your pool plumbing and/or pump system that help it stay clean and comfortable for your family or guests. The upside, though, of taking this important step is the increased energy efficiency of installing a new, eco-friendly variable speed Pentair pool pump in your pool.

During pool remodeling and resurfacing projects it is also often necessary to replace lighting features. Pentair features LED Intelli Brite lights which can greatly reduce energy bills by replacing the older, power leeching incandescent lights found in so many Arizona pools. Intelli Brite lights also give pool owners additional control over the look and feel of their pool as they change colors and can be programmed using Pentair Automation Systems to create a personalized pool operational plan.

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