Qualifications and Licensing

Qualifications and Licensing

Aquavida Pools believes strongly in building our business relationships with our private and commercial clients and customers on a foundation of respect, trust, and mutual understanding. In order to do so, we continually monitor all local, state, and national legislation relating to pool remodeling, repair, and resurfacing including keeping all of our licensing up to date and representative of the work we perform.

Unfortunately, some pool contractors and repair “professionals” do not follow this practice. Aquavida Pools has had to step in on many occasions and “fix” unfortunate situations where our customers and clients have hired disreputable companies to provide services they were either unlicensed or unprepared to do. We understand you have a choice in who works on your pool and we strongly advise you ask to see all of the types of licensing your pool service provider can provide.

Pool Resurfacing Expectations

At Aquavida Pools, we are very happy to share this documentation with you and, as always, we are eager to answer any questions you may have.

Standard Licensing

  • A-9: Commercial Swimming Pools
  • B-5: General Swimming Pools – Residential
  • B-6: General Swimming Pools – Residential with Solar Power
  • KA-5: Both Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools Combined
  • KA-6: Both Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools Combined with Solar Power
    • KA-5 and KA-6 licenses allow contractors like Aquavida Pools to cover all aspects of pool remodeling and/or construction. These are only available to contractors with a high level of knowledge and experience with all levels of pool remodeling and construction difficulty.
    • KA-5 and KA-6 hold a much higher bond than R and CR level licensing ($9000 and up as opposed to $1000). This means the client/customer assumes much less risk when contracting with a company like Aquavida Pools.

Sub-Standard Licensing

  • R-06: Swimming Pool Service and Repair
    • This does not include complete replacement of plaster, pebble interior, or decking
    • Often used as a method by disreputable companies to show some licensing
    • R-06 is really only for swapping out basic pool plumbing components, light repair work, and the addition of pool chemicals
  • CR-36: Plastering only
    • Allows for pool interior repair/re-plastering but excludes tile work and all decking, plumbing, and pool interior preparation work (such as chip out)
    • Much easier to obtain than KA-5 and KA-6 licensing allowing disreputable companies to circumvent licensing classifications put in place to protect consumers
    • Lower bond level (typically $1000) means the client/customer assumes a much greater risk

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